Erik Winter is back: Sail of Stone

by Robert

Sail of stone, Ake EdwardsonSail of Stone is the sixth and most recent novel in Ake Edwardson’s terrific Swedish crime fiction series about the intelligent and intuitive detective Chief Inspector Erik Winter of the Gothenburg police! This is a well plotted and brilliantly paced psychological thriller. In focus in this novel are Erik Winter and African-Swedish detective Aneta Djanali, both smart, introspective and very thoughtful detectives.

As we follow the two detectives while they work on two separate cases, Ake Edwardson takes us deep into their minds and lays bare their psychological make-ups in a highly intriguing fashion. Fascinating as the cases are, this dive into the psyches of these two very-well drawn characters, is masterfully executed by Edwardson, and is in some ways perhaps even more spell-binding than the very professional and intelligent police work they do in working their respective cases. It is interesting to see how Edwardson lets Winter and Djanali be guided and assisted by intuition.

Ake EdwardsonErik Winter’s case concerns the missing father of a lady that he once had an intense love affair with, Johanna Osvald. Her father, Axel Osvald, has – strangely – traveled to Scotland to search for his own father. It is a very peculiar and odd tale. Why travel to Scotland to look for a man who died there during World War II? And – is Axel really missing? Winter allows himself to get drawn into this strange mystery and unravel the secrets buried in the past of the family of his former lover. To solve this mystery he will have to enlist the aid of an old friend in the Scotland Yard and visit hidden places deep in the Scottish fjords.

Aneta, on the other hand, pursues a reluctant victim of domestic abuse – Annette Lindsten – that she has a very hard time finding. She meets the alleged abuser – the quite frightening lover Hans Forsblad, as well as the victim’s father and mother. But where is the victim? Why isn’t anyone talking to her or helping her – not even the parents? The case has hard to pinpoint aspects that somehow are very frightening to Aneta – resonating with old, deeply buried fears in a very unpleasant manner.

Sail of Stone is an outstanding character study, very perceptive and excellently written. The plot is rich and deep, and the pacing is on the spot throughout. A pearl!

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Dolores mitchell

Can someone explain the conclusion of sail of stone. I was left completely baffled by the two mysteries


Rhonda Sturtz

Read the New York Journal of Books review of Room No. 10:


Myron Karp

I tried to read this book and the whole tone and cadence and choice of words and chopped up sentances…makes for a tedious read.
I gave up reading the book.
All I can think of if Ake Edwardson has a new Translator and she definitely has missed the boat. All the books previous are readable. Previous translations by Laurie Thompson, Per Carlsson, Ken Schubert who have translated for other Scandinavian Authors.
Unfortunately the next book …Room #10 is just as unreadable due to the awkward sentance structure and choice of words. I might have to stop buying this authors books if this continues ( The previous ones were great)


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